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Lean Business

Much like engineering any business requires some basic manufacturing principles; in particular what is termed Lean Manufacturing in order to transform an ailing business into a Lean Business able to adapt easily to changes in the market. The Lean working… Continue reading

Eskom losing the plot

Is Brian Molefe, interim CEO of Eskom losing the plot, or is he being ill advised?  News that Eskom will attempt to limit load shedding to night time is a clear indication that Molefe is not yet up to… Continue reading

Small Business Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business and how it’s managed can mean the difference between your company’s success or failure. Having sufficient cash on hand will ensure that your suppliers, employees and other service providers can be… Continue reading

Maths and Science

A high-school student, who requested anonymity, touched on some of his issues with classroom education: “The teacher goes too fast. She covers one section a day and the next day she leads from where she left off. Other kids seem… Continue reading

Can a lack of managerial experience cause business failure

Can a lack of managerial experience cause business failure? It most certainly can! Managerial experience is essential when running a business. Maybe I should clarify;

You have most likely heard of the adage : “would you like to speak… Continue reading

Financial Definitions

Financing Definitions:

A ,list of the financial definitions to assist business owners and managers understand what their accountant is trying to convey.

Assets: All items of value owned by a business or individual, such as cash, inventories, land, buildings.

Balance… Continue reading

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) involves numerous components and stages, all of which are essential to the end result – achieving change within the service concerned. A structured methodology is therefore important, to ensure that all issues are appropriately addressed. An… Continue reading

Customer service strategy

A customer service strategy (including a customer access strategy) is crucial for ensuring that services are delivered efficiently and effectively to customers. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they understand their customers’ needs, but they rarely do unless… Continue reading

Developing strategy

Developing strategy is a fundamental part of achieving the vision that the business sets for itself. The business strategy addresses what the organisation (possibly in conjunction with its partners) has to do to achieve the outcomes which the vision describes.… Continue reading

Willingness to change

Possibly one of the biggest barriers to change in the public sector is its risk aversion. Many chief executives and business owners are reluctant to embark on a major programme of change unless they can be convinced that the outcome… Continue reading